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Articles published in international peer-reviewed journals

“Metrics-based control in outsourced software development projects”. L. Ponisio and P. van
Eck. IET Software, 6(5):438–450, October 2012.

“Combining visualisation techniques to understand co-operation in inter-organisational
systems”. L. Ponisio, K. Sikkel, L. Riemens, and P. van Eck. Journal of Systems and
Information Technology, 10(2):159–179, August 2008.

“Requirements traceability in model-driven development: Applying model and transformation
conformance”. J.-P. Andrade Almeida, M. Iacob, and P. van Eck. Information Systems
Frontiers, 9(4):327–342, September 2007.

“What enterprise architecture and enterprise systems usage can and can not tell about each
other”. M. Daneva and P. A. T. van Eck. International Journal of Computer Science &
Applications, 4(2):93–109, April 2007.

“Project GRAAL: Towards operational architecture alignment”. P. van Eck, H. Blanken,
and R. Wieringa. International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems , 13(3):235–255,
September 2004.

P. van Eck, J. Engelfriet, D. Fensel, F. van Harmelen, Y. Venema, and M. Willems. IEEE
Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 13(3):462–496, May 2001.

“Modeling a society of simple agents: From conceptual specification to experimentation”.
F. Brazier, P. van Eck, and J. Treur. Applied Intelligence, 14(2):161–178, March 2001.

Book chapters

“Key success domains for business-IT alignment in cross-governmental partnerships”. R. G.
Santana Tapia, P. A. T. van Eck, M. Daneva, and R. J. Wieringa. In M. M. Islam and
M. Ehsan, editors, From Government to E-Governance: Public Administration in the Digital
Age, pages 131–161. IGI Global, Hershey, PA, USA, 2012.

“Securing the extended enterprise: A method for analyzing external insider threat”. V. Nunes
Leal Franqueira, A. van Cleeff, P. van Eck, and R. Wieringa. In M. Gupta, J. Walp, and
R. Sharman, editors, Strategic and Practical Approaches for Information Security Gover-
nance: Technologies and Applied Solutions , pages 195–222. IGI Global, Hershey, USA,
February 2012.

“Planning cooperation in inter-organizational systems”. M. L. Ponisio, P. A. T. van Eck,
and L. Riemens. In E. Alkhalifa, editor, E-strategies for resource management systems :
planning and implementation, pages 61–85. IGI Global, Hershey, May 2010.

“Requirements engineering techniques for e-services”. J. Gordijn, P. A. T. van Eck, and R. J.
Wieringa. In G. Georgakopoulos and M. P. Papazoglou, editors, Service-Oriented Computing,
Cooperative Information Systems series, pages 331–352. The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2009.

“Architecture alignment”. R. Wieringa, P. van Eck, and D. Krukkert. In M. Lankhorst,
editor, Enterprise Architecture at Work. Modelling, Communication and Analysis , chapter 9.
Springer-Verlag, 2005.

“Semantic formalisation of emerging dynamics of compositional agent systems”. F. Brazier,
P. A. T. van Eck, and J. Treur. In J.-J. C. Meyer and J. Treur, editors, Agent-based Defeasible
Control in Dynamic Environments, volume 7 of Handbook Series on Defeasible Reasoning and
Uncertainty Management Systems, pages 167–196. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht,
September 2002.

Selected papers published in proceedings of international conferences

“Using network analysis to discover cooperation opportunities in inter-organizational networks”.
L. Ponisio, P. van Eck, L. Riemens, and N. Matsuda. In Systems, Software and Services
Process Improvement, EuroSPI 2013 , volume 364 of Communications in Computer and
Information Science, pages 119–130. Springer Verlag, 2013.

“Metrics to improve control in outsourcing software development projects”. L. Ponisio and
P. van Eck. In R. Messnarz, D. Ekert, M. Christiansen, J. Johansen, and S. Koinig, editors,
18th EuroSPI2 Conference: Industrial Proceedings, Roskilde, Denmark, pages 4.11–4.20,
Roskilde, Denmark, June 2011. Delta.

“Governance of offshore IT outsourcing at shell global functions IT-BAM development
and application of a governance framework to improve outsourcing relationships”. F. de
Jong, J. van Hillegersberg, P. van Eck, F. van der Kolk, and R. Jorissen. In I. Oshri and
J. Kotlarsky, editors, Global Sourcing of Information Technology and Business Processes,
Zermatt, Switzerland , volume 55 of Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing , pages
119–150. Springer Verlag, June 2010.

“External insider threat: a real security challenge in enterprise value webs”. V. Nunes Leal
Franqueira, A. van Cleeff, P. A. T. van Eck, and R. J. Wieringa. In Proceedings of the
Fifth International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES’2010), Krakow,
Poland, pages 446–453, Los Alamitos, 2010. IEEE Computer Society.

“A mobile ambients-based approach for network attack modelling and simulation”. V. Nunes
Leal Franqueira, P. van Eck, R. Wieringa, and R. Lopes. In Proceedings of the Fourth Inter-
national Workshop on Dependability Aspects on Data Warehousing and Mining applications,
DAWAM 2009 (in conjunction with ARES 2009, The Fourth International Conference on
Availability, Reliability and Security), Fukuoka, Japan, pages 546–553, Los Alamitos, March
2009. IEEE Computer Society.

“A lifecycle approach to SOA governance”. T. Schepers, M. Iacob, and P. van Eck. In
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Fortaleza, Brazil , pages
1055–1061, New York, NY, USA, 2008. ACM Press.

“Validating adequacy and suitability of business-IT alignment criteria in an inter-enterprise
maturity model”. R. Santana Tapia, M. Daneva, and P. van Eck. In Proceedings of the
Eleventh IEEE International EDOC Enterprise Computing Conference, Annapolis, MD, USA ,
pages 202–213, Los Alamitos, October 2007. IEEE Computer Society Press.

“Risk-driven conceptual modeling of outsourcing decisions”. P. van Eck, R. Wieringa, and
J. Gordijn. In P. Atzeni, W. Chu, H. Lu, S. Zhou, and T. W. Ling, editors, 23rd International
Conference on Conceptual Modeling, ER 2004, Shanghai, China , volume 3288 of Lecture
Notes in Computer Science , pages 709–723, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany, November 2004.


Competences of IT Architects” , R. Wieringa, P. van Eck, C. Steghuis, and E. Proper.
Nederlands Architectuur Forum, November 2009. Earlier edition available as “Competences 
of IT Architects”, 2008, Academic Service, Den Haag. ISBN 978-90-12-58087-8.

Advanced Information Systems Engineering: 21st International Conference, CAiSE 2009,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 8-12, 2009, Proceedings” , P. van Eck, J. Gordijn, and
R. Wieringa, editors. volume 5565 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Springer Verlag,

PhD thesis, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, June 2001.

Selected articles (in Dutch) published in IT magazines

“Naar een geïntegreerde interventie in de organisatie van de informatievoorziening”. F. Pan-
neman, C. van den Wall Bake, L. Terlouw, D. Greefhorst, P. van Eck, and J. de Hoog. Via
Nova Architectura, 2012, June 2012.

“Applicatieportfoliomanagement: Governance zet applicatiebeheer op scherp”. R. Bloemberg,
H. Franken, P. van Eck, and M. Aydin. Informatie , 48(7):43–49, September 2006.

“Webservices als zelfstandige economische activiteit”. P. van Eck and R. Wieringa. In
F. Noe, editor, Jaarboek IT beheer en informatiebeveiliging , pages 241–248. Sdu Uitgevers,
The Hague, the Netherlands, druk 1 edition, 2005.

Waarde als basis voor besluitvorming outsourcing”. P. A. T. van Eck, R. J. Wieringa, and
J. Gordijn. Informatie, 46:20–25, November 2004.